Large Inventory

We keep a large inventory of items on hand so we can ship the day we get your order. We keep records of all your purchased items and make sure we are well stocked for your next order.

Medical Shipping

Reliable Shipping

Seaside Marine will never keep you waiting for medial supplies and we offer Free shipping for Domestic Orders. No port too small or too far away, we make it our top priority to have your supplies in the correct location on time. Call Us us today and get a quote for your next shipment today.


24 Hour Support

We realize emergencies happen in all timezones, so our staff is ready to assist whenever there is a need. Simply call the hotline on our contact page and someone will answer 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Commercial Ships

We service every type of commercial vessel on the seas; Container, RoRo, Bulk, Auto and others. Most requests are quoted and shipped out within 24 hours. We have the knowledge and experience to achieve a high success rate of completely filling all maritime orders. We provide inspections and certifications of all merchant vessels hospitals, including the IMDG Poison Treatment Chest. View your countries Marine Vessel Requirements for all your needs.

Oil Tankers and Platfoms

Providing oil tankers with high quality pharmaceutical and medical supplies is our specialty. With worldwide contract clients such as Teekay Shipping and Mideast Ship Mgt, we service well over 200 tankers annually. While oil platforms require similar medical products as ocean going vessels the quantities are usually larger and some have more experienced medical professionals aboard. We have the ability and experience to service any special request required. We provide all our clients with annual medical chest certifications upon approved inspections, including the IMDG Poison Treatment Chest.

Cruise Ships

Seaside Marine has been providing reliable service and medical products to the cruise ship industry for well over 50 years. We not only service our home port complex of Los Angeles/Long Beach with same day service, we provide next day service to most other ports in the United States. Since we have a full service community pharmacy we can provide for the needs of the occasional passenger who has forgot their medicine at home and requires an emergency supply. The cruise ship industry usually requires larger quantities and unique medical/pharmacy supplies, with our experience and extensive inventory we should be able satisfy your requests. Our services and products not only include those within the ships hospital but extend throughout the cruise vessel with custom or standard first aid kits, especially for the life boats.

Armed Forces

Seaside Marine has provided pharmaceutical and medical supplies for many branches of the armed forces beginning with the Korean War. Currently we provide services and products to several clients contracted with the Navy, Air Force and U.S. Merchant Marines. Although the closure of the Long Beach Naval Base has slowed our local sales, we still ship to our military customers in the U.S. and worldwide.

Private Vessels

Seaside Marine is a complete pharmacy as well as a marine medical supplier. We develop and provide custom first aid kits for any type of private vessel; luxury yachts, sport fishers, cruises, sailboats, tugs and other work boats. Many of our staff & pharmacists are boaters themselves and we understand the vast array of challenges the sea can present and take special pride in helping you prepare for the inevitable medical emergency at sea.

Custom Medical Kits

Seaside Marine International Drug Company specializes in custom medical kits, particularly necessary for the recreational boater. Our custom kits come with:

  • Products to cover most major emegencies at sea
  • Compartmentalized pouches labeled by categories; drugs, trauma, bandages, instruments, etc.
  • Easily referenced product use and identification cards
  • Convenient re-order form, making the tracking of your vessels medical supplies simple.